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Virtual Instructor-Led

With its ability to combine the flexibility of online learning with the advantages of instructor-led training, VILT (virtual instructor-led training) has gained considerable popularity in recent years.

Communicate More Effectively

When you offer live engagement with instructors and/or subject matter experts (SMEs), you provide your audience of learners with the opportunity to have in-depth discussions and obtain the training material directly from the source.

What are the benefits of vILT?

Enhanced Engagement

Many of the platforms used for this style of live training allow you to utilize features such as polls, breakout sessions, whiteboards, surveys, live Q&A, and more.

Immediate Learner Feedback

By requesting live feedback from your audience, not only do you have the opportunity to review and improve your training, but you can also learn what they hope to achieve from it.

Broader Audience Reach

This training style enables instructors to deliver their sessions without being restricted to the classroom environment, allowing you to reach a much broader audience of learners.

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